14mm Domeless Ceramic Nail

A 14mm domeless ceramic nail is a relatively new piece which was introduced to the market just a few months ago. This appeals to those that use the standard 14mm pieces and those that want a piece which isnít as weak as a quartz nail, but at the same time isnít metal. At times people donít enjoy the ti nails because the feel that a quartz/ glass one is better. For that reason the 14mm ceramic domeless nail is great for those that want a clean yet strong piece that also looks great.
 on 3/1/2016
After many reviews have came in we have found that many people seem to like the 14mm domeless ceramic nail as an option. Not only did it turn out to fit most peices that people have but these 14mm ceramic domeless nails are quote nify looking as well. More natural feeling then the titaniu.



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