14mm Domeless Quartz Nail

A 14mm domeless quartz nail is more of a delicate piece, that many enjoy because of how clean it may look and feel. Though it is not as strong as the titanium or ceramic pieces, the 14mm quartz domeless nail is the second most popular amongst the domeless nail family. These pieces are available in various shops and online retailers at a relatively cheap price. The quartz nails are much stronger than the regular glass ones but look exactly the same. At times you can even purchase packs of 2 or 3 14mm domeless quartz nails due to the fact that they can shatter if heated too much or dropped from a high distance. However, they are still used and liked by many, and they can be found online at Ebay, amazon, or grasscity. check out the images above to find where you can get one for your collection. 



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