Buying a Domeless Nail on eBay

It is not very hard to find a titanium domeless nail on Ebay these day, ranging anywhere from $5-$35. Some of these nails may come from china, where as others come from here in the states. Many wonder why the prices are so different, depending on where you buy it from. You should be careful with purchasing a titanium domeless nail from Ebay, since some of them may not be GR2 titanium. If you use a low quality metal for your domeless titanium nail, not only will it not last long, but the effects of it could be harmful. 
When purchasing a domeless titanium nail on ebay, you should always try to get the ones from the states. Not only are you ensured to have a good quality domeless nail, but youíll receive it in just a few days. Ordering a ti domeless nail from china would require you to wait roughly 2-3 weeks before it would come in the mail and even then if it gets lost youíre looking at waiting roughly 2 months to receive your domeless nail.
When purchasing your titanium domeless nail, you should look for packs or deals. For example, you may be able to find a titanium domeless nail for around $20 but you may find that if you pay an extra $5 youíll get the nail plus a dabber and even a silicone case or other accessory depending on which seller you purchase it from.
Since domeless nails are becoming so popular, ti nails are not the only ones available on the market, Ceramic domeless nails are relatively new and are slowly becoming as popular as the titanium nails. This is because these feel so much cleaner, are stronger than the quartz domeless nails, and arenít very expensive either. For example, a domeless ti nail in good quality may be around $20 where as a domeless ceramic nail may be roughly $15.
It is a bit easier to buy a ceramic domeless nail since you donít have to worry about the grade of the ceramic and it wonít harm you the way false metals would. They are much stronger at hotter temperatures compared to glass nails but can still break if dropped from a distance.
So whether it be a domeless titanium nail, domeless ceramic nail, or a domeless quartz nail, remember that you can usually find what you need on Ebay. We are affiliates for ebay, so we merely show you what is available on their site and try to find the best deals for you!



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