Ceramic Domeless Nails

A new product on the market which has caught quite a bit of attention is the new ceramic domeless nail. You can get a 14mm ceramic domeless nail or a 18mm ceramic domeless nail at most head shops. However it is harder to find a 10mm ceramic domeless nail. These nails are available in quite a few shops but can get kinda pricey. For that reason a bit of research was done as to where you can find some of these ceramic domeless nails at a great price. Ebay it seems, have seen a surge in sellers for this particular product. From american made nails that will arrive at your door step in just a couple days, to the china made nails that are a fraction of the price but can take weeks to arrive, ebay is flooded with these items. The ceramic domeless nail is popular for good reason. One, since it is not a titanium domeless nail, people enjoy the clean feeling of it. Two, since it is not glass or quartz domeless nail, the durability of the nail is much better, so if you do spend quite a bit on it you donít have to worry about it shattering or breaking after constant use. Even though the ceramic domeless nail is relatively new, many people have started switching over to it from titanium and glass. Not only is it better, but it seems as if there is a trend in domeless nails. People seem to prefer them over the nail and dome combination, and you canít blame them. Less pieces to buy means less pieces to worry about and keep track of. When only one piece is required it makes the whole process much easier and efficient. Also cleaning it isnít a problem either, solutions available on the market can be used to clean out your nail and make it feel like new every time. Youíll find quite a few of these products on Ebay, and they are great tools and show pieces to have for those that understand. Many sellers also offer free fast shipping on most of these products. If you look closely enough youíll even find deal packs. For example instead of paying $20 for a nail, you can get a nail + dabber + cases for around the same price. Keep your eyes open, and share our site if you find our information useful! Thanks,



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