Domeless Glass Nails VS Domeless Quartz Nails

When it comes to this question, it's not a matter of which one is better, more of which one is better suited for your needs. There are a few pros and cons for each type, along with reason why you may need or want one or another.
The main type of nails would  be the original titanium nail with dome, the new glass nail with dome, the stronger quarts nail with dome.
The ones we want to focus on however, would be the new domeless nail type set up. They are available as a glass domeless nail, quarts domeless nail as well as titanium domless nail.
Throughout the website you'll see us mainly focusing on domeless nails since these are growing in popularity.
Pros of a domeless nail would be that it only requires one piece, and that means you have less to keep track up.
Pros of a nail with dome, is that people believe it conserves your wax.
Titanium nails are stronger than quartz, and quartz is stronger than glass.
So glass is the cheapest, then quartz, and finally titanium, depending on where you purchase it from. 
Look around and see if you can find the right nail for you! Make sure you select the right size also!



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