Domeless Glass Nails VS Domeless Quartz Nails


Even though the titanium domeless nails are much stronger and lost much longer than the glass and quartz nails, people still prefer to use them since many feel as if it provides a cleaner experience. What many people donít know however is the difference between the glass nail and a quartz nail. They look very similar, but a quartz nail is much stronger, and usually lasts longer as well. Both of them seem to provide the same level of satisfaction, however since the quartz nail is a bit better in durability the prices may range at times. Have a glass or quartz nail allows you to get creative with your pieces. Depending on whether you need a 14mm or 18mm nail it can be blown custom for your standards. Many local glass blowers in the CO area are very talented and can make some great artistic pieces, great for showing your friends. The 14mm domeless nail is the most common one, however if you have a bigger piece you may require 18.5mm domeless nail. 


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