Smoking VS Vaping with a Domeless Nails

In recent years, there have been many studies done on smoking. Not only is it bad for your long term health, but it also shows early signs of damage to your body. Such as excessive coughing, and dry throats. So now, when people want a cleaner alternative to feel good, they start to pick vaping over smoking. This is because by vaping you don't need to take in all the harmful chemicals that may be created when a herb is burned and the lighter fluid isn't required either.

The process is quite simple. The main idea is to heat up a type of material that will be hot enough to vaporize the goodies out of your herbs with out created the burned unhealthy ash. There are quite a few different ways of vaping, whether it be glass on glass or heated coils which are generally used in vapes. For more experienced users that use wax, vaporizing is something common. The best known tools for this would be quartz nails, titanium nails, or even ceramic nails. There are usually two types of nails, ones with domes and those that are domeless. Both of these types of products work great and may be better for certain people depending on their needs.




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