Nail with Dome

Even though domeless nails are quite popular at this time, the original titanium nail with dome is also great. Titanium nails with domes are great because of their amazing quality. They will last forever and you don't have to worry about them shattering like glass nails or quarts nails. Glass nails and quarts nails with domes however are stronger now then they were before, and are better for someone on a budge. When you get a dome with a nail, even though you'll have to look after two pieces, because of the quality you won't ever get bored of it. Just make sure to keep your nails clean!

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Nails with Domes


Titanium Nail with Dome

This is the most popular of the titanium with a nails with a dome. A titanium nail with dome style dabber piece is gauranteed to last you a life time! And they are also rated 5/5 stars from most of our user results! 

• Dabber style Dish design.
• Joint Size: 18mm or 14mm.
• Length 2.2".
• Dish Diameter .6"or .4".
• Weight: 20g.

With an adjustable 14mm + 18mm size available for all pieces, this one is best for most people. 
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Glass Nail with Dome

Quartz nail with Dome

This is the second most popular glass domeless nail model. Because of it's light weight and crystal clear look many prefer this piece for show. 
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